Building, Renovations, Additions, Extensions and Home Remodelling

A traditional family business building quality family homes, dreams and investments
We Know Building

Hycraft constructions is a Custom-Built Homes expert with a passion for perfection and a wealth of experience and knowledge. we deliver exclusive residences with first-class quality and service.

We know that building a home is one of the biggest investments a person, couple or family can make so we ensure we are as available, transparent, professional and flexible as possible during the process. There is a stigma in the building industry that building can be a very stressful and daunting experience, so we’ve set out to break this barrier down and make sure this process is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Unrivalled Quality & Craftsmanship

It is the quality of the finishes and the craftsmanship that separates Hycraft constructions from its competitors. Our homes stand the test of time and provide a noticeable point of difference. We build quality, luxury homes throughout Sydney and you can be assured the craftsmanship in all aspects of your home is second to none.

We have a highly skilled team dedicated to providing the highest quality homes that will exceed your expectations. We use a select team of tradespeople for every job and they have a clear understanding of the quality that our customers expect. This helps to ensure that our reputation for quality workmanship is never compromised.

Our Process Explained...


1. Client Pre- qualifications & Preliminaries

This is the ground-work for a superior build. This stage is all about communication, accuracy & peace of mind.

2. Tender Submissions & Contracts

Meticulously breaking down the plans package and construction documentation. We crunch the numbers and put together a highly detailed tender submission and contract.
3. Scheduling

Preparations begin for ground works. A file is prepared for your allocated site supervisor. Our earthworks contractors are arranged and the slab will be poured if applicable.
4. Meet the Crew

This is an opportunity to meet your construction team, understand your site responsibilities, as well as the steps in the construction process.
5. The Build

Your vision starts taking form. Periodic inspections and walkthroughs are scheduled throughout the build process.
6. Wrapping Up

Your project is almost complete. You’ll do a pre-walk with the project manager to create what is called a “defects list.” This is a list of tasks that need to be completed before the handover.
7. Hand Over

There will be a project orientation that consists of a final walk through the home's systems. Instruction manuals, your keys and your orientation pack will be presented, and you will be enrolled in our warranty program.
8. Your New Home


Enjoy your brand new Hycraft Constructions home.